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About Mammy Village

We are amazed! Even though Taiwan has been commercially and technologically revived, information and services towards the area of pregnancy is yet so limited. Perhaps it is due to the short ten month period of pregnancy; many mothers seem to have neglected themselves without knowing that in order to impregnate a healthy and lively baby, it is also necessary to have an active and healthy mother's body. 

Hence the birth of the development team of Mammy Village, and we eagerly put in great amounts of effort into the research and development of all products in order to improve and help pregnant women, and to have them maintain at their best condition at all times. 
Because "pregnancy" is the period when a woman will encounter her greatest physical change in her lifetime, and yet most are completely taken by surprise; therefore we have carefully selected the best materials to produce all kinds of considerate and excellent products aimed towards any changes that may occur throughout pregnancy in order to have mothers pass this period safely and smoothly.

For instance we will reserve space in the maternity/nursing bras so that the growing breast will not become pressured and lead to the possible infection of Mammary Gland; Also, because we understand that after six months of giving birth, the lipid in the lower belly area are not yet solidified; therefore we must guide mothers how to take advantage of this period to gradually resume their pre-pregnancy figure through dressing correctly.

All of this represents the thoughtfulness and professionalism of Mammy Village. These years we have attained much applause from nationwide customers and also received compliments from international agents and distributors. Mammy Village will treat this honor as our emotional support and continue to research and develop more products to represent our gratefulness to the great female population that brings us the new generation. 

What's our Goal

Mammy Village observantly tends to every aspect of pregnant women in Taiwan and wish for mothers to be taken more seriously and taken care of throughout their pregnancy period. We constantly strive for perfection and improvement throughout the development and management of our quality control, and aspires for you and your baby to receive the most intimate caring. Mammy Village is always here to accompany you through the most beautiful days of your life!